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Projects and Project Resources

Beyond system-wide configuration data, the most common data used by modules is project-based resource data. Project resources are usually created through the Designer and are identified by their resource type and module id. When a module defines a new project resource, it will define the resource type.

Most commonly, modules will want to load specific types of resources at a time. This can be accomplished with the Project.getResourcesOfType() function.

Once the project resource is retrieved, the data can be accessed through ProjectResource. getData(). When deserializing, it is important to use the deserializer created by GatewayContext.createDeserializer(). Do not create your own XMLDeserializer.

Modules can add a ProjectListener to the ProjectManager in order to be notified when a project is added, removed, or modified.

You can use the CompletableFuture<> requestScan() public method to theProjectManagerBase to request that the project directory is scanned immediately for project and resource updates.

It's important to realize that the Project class serves a variety of purposes. It can be a fully loaded project, but can also represent a subset of a project, or simply the structure, without resource data actually present.