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Build and Install

Now that we've examined some pieces of this example project, let's build and install our new module to see how it works in the Designer.

Build the .modl

Since this example uses Gradle as its build system, you can build a .modl file using the following command:

gradlew.bat clean build

You'll find a new .modl file, Scripting-Function-G.unsigned.modl, in your project's build directory.

Install and Test

  1. On your Gateway, navigate to Config > System > Modules.
  2. Click Install or Upgrade a Module.
  3. Click Choose File and select the Scripting-Function-G.unsigned.modl file.
  4. Click Install.

This scripting module will now appear at the bottom of your Modules page, under the Unsigned Modules heading.

You can now launch a Designer and test out the scripting function we added. Open a Script Console and enter the following:

Multiply function example
print system.example.multiply(6, 7)

Congratulations, you've just added a simple scripting function to Ignition!