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Create a Module

Creating a basic module from scratch is not difficult, but we've tried to minimize startup friction by offering you some tools to help get started. Whether you use Gradle or Maven, you can utilize the provided build tools to generate a new project with a framework that includes the basic structure necessary for your module.

Pull Tools Repository

The tools repository you choose will depend on your build system. Before pulling a repository, make sure you have Git installed.

git clone

Once you have the module tools in hand you can generate a new project through the command line.

Create a New Project

  1. Open the directory containing ignition-module-tools.

  2. Navigate one level down into generator.

  3. Open a command prompt in this directory and run the following:

    gradlew.bat clean build
  4. Create a new project:

    gradlew.bat  runCli -–console plain
  5. Fill in the following information when prompted:

Enter scopesThe scopes your module will require, including Gateway (G), Client (C), and Designer (D). Note that these values are case sensitive.GCD
Human readable nameA name for your new project.New SDK Project
Root packageA reverse domain name specific to your organization and
LanguageLanguage for gradle buildscripts. Possible values are kotlin and groovy. Default: kotlin.kotlin

This will create a new project structure for you with seperate directories for each of the Gateway, Designer and Client scopes, as well as a Common and Build directory. If you receive a BUILD SUCCESSFUL message, you can close the command prompt and open your new project in your preferred IDE:

IntelliJ IDE with New SDK Project open